BEng (Hons)

      Electrical & Electronic Engineering

Electrical and Electronic Engineers play a major role in the development of existing and future technologies: from generation and distribution to use of our electricity, from medical equipment to mobile phones, from the safety of our vehicles to reducing the environmental impact of our washing machines and in the gadgets that transform our leisure time. In fact, they are responsible for the technologies that maintain our present and enable our future, and for creating the new technology itself and the technology of the future.
Mode of Study & Duration
One and Half years – Advanced Entry Full-time (BEng)
Entry Requirements
  • Advanced Entry – (NDES/HNDE/NDT… etc)
Level l

– Engineering Mathematics
– Practical Electronics
– C Programming
– Digital Principles
– Electrical & Electronic Principles A
– Electrical & Electronic Principles B

Level 2

– Project Management
– Mathematics for Signal and Control
– Control
– Signal Processing and Circuits

Electrical Pathway
– Electrical Technology
– Power Systems Fundamentals
– Drives and Motions

Electronic Pathway
– Group Fab and Lab
– Digital Design

Level 3

– Power Electronics
– Business Environment
– Control Systems Design
– Digital Signal Processing
– Individual Project BEng

Electrical Pathway
– Power Systems Analysis
– Energy Technologies

Electronic Pathway
– Group Design and Integration
– Communications

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