Publication Ethics and Malpractice Statement 


Northshore College of Business and Technology International Research Journal is committed to promoting the highest ethical publication practices and quality of articles. The editors, authors and reviewers are expected to respect and follow the publication ethics as set out by the Northshore College of Business and Technology Research Committee on Publication Ethics. The Northshore Journal seriously treats all cases of ethical misconduct. The authors, reviewers and editors are expected to read and follow the guidelines provided therein. These guidelines are based on Code of Conduct and Best-Practice Guidelines for Journal Editors provided by Northshore College of Business and Technology Research Committee.

Responsibilities of Editors
The following are the responsibilities of Editors
  • Editors shall check each manuscript for its suitability for the Journal.
  • Editors shall have the full authority of taking an appropriate decision about an article but shall do so on merit.
  • Editors shall select reviewers according to their expertise in their particular area of work.
  • Editors shall ensure that both the Reviewers and the Authors remain anonymous to each other and shall use a blind review process.
  • Editors shall disclose any conflict of interest immediately to Editor-in-Chief who shall take necessary measures for the review of the article. This procedure also applies to papers submitted by Editors as (co)authors.
  • Editors must not use unpublished information submitted by the authors in their own research.
  • Editors shall report all matters of ethical complaints concerning a submitted article to Editor-in-Chief.
Responsibilities of Authors
The following are the responsibilities of Authors
  • Authors shall ensure that the manuscript does not contain grammar and spelling mistakes, and has been read and corrected for clarity by an English native speaker. This applies particularly to those Authors whose first language is not English.
  • Authors will ensure that the submitted work is original and is not plagiarised and that it does not contain plagiarised contents. All forms of plagiarism are considered as unethical publishing behaviour by the Journal.
  • Authors will ensure that the work and findings of others that are used in their article have been appropriately acknowledged.
  • Authors will ensure that the data presented in the article is real and authentic, and does not contain any fraudulent data. Fraudulent data or deliberate inaccurate statements constitute unethical behaviour and are unacceptable by the Journal.
  • Authors will ensure anonymity of persons, processes, data and other details is kept unless they have obtained permissions. This includes both the textual citations and images.
  • Authors shall ensure that review articles are also objective and comprehensive, and provide comprehensive accounts of state of the art.
  • Submission of the same article simultaneously in more than one journal is not allowed.
  • The corresponding author shall ensure that consent of all co-authors has been obtained.
  • The authors shall indemnify the Journal against any claims arising from their study/article.


Responsibilities of Reviewers
The following are the responsibilities of Reviewers
  • Reviewers shall evaluate the accuracy of the article in terms of technical accurateness and shall be objective in their judgment.
  • Reviewers shall point out relevant literature which is not yet cited by the authors.
  • Reviewers shall treat all manuscripts received for review as confidential documents.
  • Reviewers shall notify the Editorial Coordinator immediately if they feel unqualified to review the article or are unable to finish the review in time.
  • Reviewers shall disclose any conflict of interest to the Editorial Coordinator and shall excuse themselves from the review process.
  • Reviewers shall not use any idea or information presented in an article that they review for their personal advantage.
  • Reviewers shall conduct a review of an article objectively. All observations shall be supported with logical arguments and suggestions so that the authors could use them for improving the paper.


Important Dates

Calling for Papers – 02 /04/ 2017

Deadline for Paper Submission – 30 / 05/ 2017

Notification of Acceptance – 15 / 06/ 2017

Submission of Revised Papers – 30 / 06/ 2017

Publication Date – 16/ 08/ 2017