Sections of Manuscript


A typical manuscript may consist of different sections. The suggested order of these sections and their requirements is given below.

  1. Title: A maximum of 25 words. The title should be bold and in capital letters.
  2. Authors’ Names and Affiliations: The line under the title of the article contains the full name of each author. Next lines should contain author’s present title, current affiliation and email address. Clearly, indicate the corresponding author who will handle correspondence at all stages of refereeing and publication.
  3. Abstract: Provide a self-contained abstract about 250 words outlining in a single paragraph the aims, scope and conclusions of the paper. It should not cite references, figure or tables.
  4. Keywords: Provide maximum 5 keywords immediately following the abstract. Avoid words such as ‘and’, ‘of’ and/or abbreviations. Only firmly established abbreviations may be included.
  5. Organisation of Text Body: The body of the main text may consist of following sections:
    1. Title – address the research question
    2. Introduction – state the purpose of the research, research question and the literature review
    3. Methodology – state how the problem was studied
    4. Results – state the principal findings
    5. Discussion and conclusion – state what the findings mean
    6. References – list the key references following the APA citation style
  1. Acknowledgement: The author(s) can acknowledge any advisory or financial assistance and support. This section should be written in the third person and should be kept concise.

Manuscript Submission Requirements

Manuscripts that comply with the above-stated Guidelines to Authors can be submitted to the Editor of the Journal for review. Electronic submission of manuscripts at irj@ is the desired mode of submission. This greatly speeds up the review process and reduces delays. The manuscripts must be sent in MS word format. The corresponding author should include an Author’s Declaration and Agreement of Copyright Transfer with each new submission. Authors Declaration form can be downloaded from the Journal website By signing Authors Declaration, the authors certify that the submitted manuscript:

   (a) is presented only to the Northshore College of Business and Technology International Research Journal’s and is not under consideration for publication elsewhere;

   (b) has not been published previously;

   (c) does not contain the plagiarised substance of any form;

   (d) is checked and approved by all authors who have also contributed to the submitted work.

The Transfer of Copyright Agreement must be signed and submitted to the Editorial coordinator of the Journal before the manuscript is processed for publication. The form is available on the Journal website at Normally all authors will sign the same form. However, signatures from different authors can be provided separately and can be typed and confirmed via email.