Prof Sisuru Sendanayake (PhD, MSc, BSc Eng. (Hons))

Message from Deputy Vice Chancellor

It is with great pleasure that I send this message to the Sri Lankan youth and their parents, on Northshore International Campus, who are ever so keen to receive international standard quality higher education so that they can stand on par with their peers in knowledge and skills.

Northshore is geared with the top of the range infrastructure and dedicated academic staff and is introducing student-centric learning with ample hands-on experience to produce competent and employable graduates for the local and foreign industries and organisations. With a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs spanning multiple high demand disciplines on offer, Northshore is happy to offer a far wider choice to our students to mold their future. Further, Northshore is also geared to provide the much needed individual attention and guidance for the students to achieve and realise their educational and career objectives.

I wish to welcome new students to Northshore, who are coming with great expectations, to be part of the university culture and experience and to make yourselves proud graduates who can strive in both academia and industry.

I wish all of you a brilliant and confident future.