Certificate Programme in English

Northshore English Language Programme conducted by the Northshore Centre for English Language Teaching (NCELT) consists of three levels to enable students and other learners particularly private and public-sector personnel who are at different levels of English knowledge to gradually attain fluency in the language skills mainly Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking and to improve English Grammar and Vocabulary by enrolling themselves at appropriate levels so that they may pursue their higher studies or vocational education or attain greater heights in their careers through the application of the language skills.

Entry Requirements
  • Northshore Certificate in English is a highly structured and carefully designed course that enhances the language competence of students who have completed GCE O/L exam.
    Written test papers.
Mode of Study & Duration
  •  3 Months – 165 Teaching hours
    ( Weekdays 8:30 am to 12:30 pm )


Registration Fee: LKR 2,000.
Course Fee:        LKR 10,000. 



A Professionally and Academically Qualified Panel of Lecturers



  1. Writing Skills
    Write simple letters, from simple structures, simple paragraphs, simple essays, complex paragraphs, edit and organize information into report
  2. Functional Grammar
    Use the simple present, progressive form, the simple past and future forms. Use the clauses, phrasal verbs and prepositions effectively
  3. Reading Skills
    Comprehend simple texts, informative texts and respond appropriately Advanced intensive and extensive reading and information
  4. Speaking Skills
    Speaking with proper pronunciation and Respond to simple questions, Present a speech effectively, Speaking and forming dialogues at workplace Meetings, interviews and presenting information