INCO 2017 Robotic competition

Jul 17, 2018

Young Inco Innovator Robotic Competition Sponsored by Northshore College of Business and Technology.

Inco 2017, the industrial, design and constructions exhibition organised by the Institute of Incorporated Engineers Sri Lanka, was launched by Primary Industries Minister Daya Gamage at the BMICH on 23rd of June. The exhibition is considered the ideal and most cost-effective platform for stakeholders of domestic industry.

Garbage Collection Robot competition

One autonomous bot had to do the following:

  1. It had to collect all garbage, which laid down. The garbage were made out of Plastic & Aluminum such as empty water bottles & empty cans and they were not in their original shapes.
  2. The bot had to drop all garbage in 02 boxes laid down in the floor.
  3. The bot had to pick up different shaped garbage and drop in to recycle bin according to its type in the recycle are.
  4. Robots were operated by wireless connection and some controlled by itself.
  5. Marks were given according to time taken to finish the task and number of garbage’s collected by a bot during the allowed 30 minutes.