Northshore International Campus has established a partnership with the University of the West of England (UWE) Bristol, United Kingdom. The University of the West of England is a modern, growing University in the city of Bristol.This partnership involves the collaborative provision of undergraduate and postgraduate level courses of UWE, Bristol in Sri Lanka at Northshore Campus. The students who enrol with Northshore Campus become registered full-time students of UWE, Bristol from day one onwards. The degree will be awarded by the University of the West of England, and is recognised by the University Grants Commission.

          All the degree programmes conducted at Northshore Campus would be approved by UWE , Bristol under a validation framework (in which Northshore Campus takes primary responsibility for academic support and the student experience) but significant support will be provided  by provided by UWE  as well. In addition, Northshore will seek accreditation from professional bodies both in Sri Lanka and abroad for these courses.


The University of the West of England (also known as UWE Bristol, or simply UWE) is a university located near the city of Bristol,United Kingdom. Its main campus is at Frenchay near Bristol, and also has campuses at Glenside in north-east Bristol and Bower Ashton,near Ashton Court in south-west Bristol , With around 27,000 students and 3,000 staff,UWE is the larger of the two universities in Bristol. UWE has consistently been ranked among the top ten new universities in the UK and has always scored ‘excellent’ in the teaching assessments carried out by the Quality Assurance Agency. Ofsted reports have rated UWE’s primary, secondary and further education initial teacher training (ITT) courses as outstanding – the top grade available.

Message from Vice Chancellor,UWE for the Graduation Ceremony

Graduation is a major milestone in life. I am delighted and honoured to that you are celebrating today with those who have supported and encouraged you throughout your educational journey.

During your time at Northshore Campus whilst studying for your University of the West of England degree, you have developed a distinct set of qualities that will open up opportunities throughout your life. They will help you to realise your professional and personal ambitions so that you continue to make an impact in the world.

The award you are receiving today is a testament to your hard work and commitment. It also marks the beginning of a new phase in your relationship with the University as you join our worldwide network of more than 200,000 alumni.

Whatever your chosen path and its challenges, Northshore Campus and the University of the West of England will be pleased to share in your future. I am proud to have you as a graduate of our university and wish you every success as you start the next big adventure in your lives.

Professor Steve West

Vice-chancellor of the University of West of England, University of West of England